Sldie 601

The "Pillar of History", bronze bas-relief, 1995, 32 Feet and the "Tequesta Family" sculpture, bronze, 1995, 17 Feet.

Location: Midspan at the Brickell Avenue Bridge, Miami, Florida.

The "Pillar of History" is a graphical narration of the lives of the Tequesta Indians, Miami's first inhabitants narrated along the Miami River as it descends in a spiral.

The sculpture "Tequesta Family: depicts the last Tequestas by which the father throws an arrow to the sky hunting for a place in space while his wife looks to the sky for anwers to their future and the baby covers his face with his hand in knowledge of their extintion.

The last 80 Tequesta families were taken by the Spaniards to Cuba where the raze finallly extinguished. Carbonell a Cuban came back to honor them in their place of birht where they had lived for over 2,000 years.

Manuel Carbonell

Modern Master Sculptor

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