Carbonell's works on paper are divided in several different categories including pencil drawings, pastels, etchings and serigraphs.


    A collection of over 3,000 pencil drawings in all sizes and types of paper are mostly studies that Carbonell did for his sculptures. Carbonell's inexhaustible imagination lead him to constantly draw new ideas for his sculptures.


    Carbonell in his pastels expressed the themes and emotions with single lines tha defined the subject matter. A collection of Cuban Folklore pastels, including "Santo Subido", "Carnavales", and "Comparsas" are part of these works on paper.


    In Pietrasanta, Italy, Carbonell created a series of etchings of the Florida Fauna and the Tequesta Indians. These etchings were done in the technique "cera molle" or "soft ground" which is used for abstract  effects. Carbonell, by the contrary, used it to do intricate drawings.

Manuel Carbonell

Modern Master Sculptor

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