As Professor Jose Sicre (a former student of Bourdelle) at the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes "San Alejandro", Havana, Cuba, used to tell Carbonell "if you throw a sculpture down a hill, what  you find at the bottom is the Form and the Power and not the detail"... This has been of upmost influenze in Carbonell's personal style.


    Carbonell' commissioned works has been more figurative and the anatomical accuracy more subject to the artist's internalized sensations. In his personal style, Carbonell searched for the essence of the form and the absence of detail while empowering a feeling of monumentality to his work.


    An exceptional artistic talent and academic background, created a personal signature by which Carbonell imparted to his sculptures a "Universal Beauty" that made them "Eternal"., ie., understood by succesive generations, and therefore, making his work transcend into posterity.


    Ricardo J. Gonzalez III




Manuel Carbonell

Modern Master Sculptor

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