• Founded in 1987, Beaux Arts Gallery acts as the source of the works of Modern Master Sculptor Manuel Carbonell for private, corporate and museum collections. In addition, we serve as providers of the works of Carbonell to national and international art galleries and dealers.

    The gallery specializes in Carbonell's monumental museum quality sculptures. As representative of the Artist we provide our worldwide collectors from visual photoshop presentations to supervision through casting and installation of the art works.

    Carbonell, considered among the most important Latin America Masters, was greatly influenced in his artistic career by his former Professor Jose Sicre (a former student of Bourdelle). At the Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes "San Alejandro", Havana, Cuba, Sicre always expressed to him that if you took a sculpture and threw it down a hill, what was left of the sculpture at the bottom of the hill was the form and the strength and not the detail. Carbonell graduated from the Academia in 1945 with the title of Professor of Modeling and Drawing.

    Carbonell's commissioned works, as in the 53-foot bronze monument "Tequesta Family" at the Brickell Avenue Bridge, Miami, Florida, the work was more figurative and the anatomical accuracy was more subject to the artist's internalized sensations. But, in his modern critically acclaimed personal style, Carbonell in his sculptures, searched for the essence of the form and the absence of detail while empowering a feeling of monumentality to his work.

    Carbonell's work provides compelling evidence of his exceptional artistic talent. A brilliant combination of creativity and technique, a consistent originality and a universal beauty that the artist imparted to his work, has made it transcend and be recognized by present and future generations. Undoubtedly, as Dr. Fred Schoneman, Director of New York's former Madison Avenue Schoneman Gallleries expressed in 1974, Carbonell is one of the Masters of Sculpture of our times.

Manuel Carbonell

Modern Master Sculptor

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